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What we do

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland's national economic development agency. We work to transform the Scottish economy by helping businesses innovate and scale. Learn more.

Unlocking Scotland’s economic potential

Scottish Enterprise focuses on activities that help Scottish businesses to adapt and better respond to economic opportunities and challenges.

Our goal is to create a more productive, resilient and competitive economy for Scotland. To achieve this, we work to drive business innovation, build international competitiveness and encourage more investment in companies and infrastructure. These are the areas where Scottish Enterprise can deliver the most value, make the biggest impact and help unlock Scotland’s economic potential.

Watch a video from Adrian Gillespie, Scottish Enterprise's CEO, in which he outlines the organisation's future direction and business priorities:

Scottish Enterprise’s priorities

Scottish Enterprise has a strong track record in supporting ambitious companies across Scotland to grow and scale through innovation, investment and internationalisation. We use our networks, insights and collaborative work with partners, entrepreneurs and innovators to drive transformation in the economy.

For the latest information about our corporate focus, you can read Scottish Enterprise's Strategic Priorities (PDF, 604kB).

Scottish Enterprise is central to the successful delivery of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation. We'll play a leading role in making a real difference to structural issues in Scotland’s economy. This has been set out in the latest strategic guidance from the Scottish Government.

Correspondence from Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy, Neil Grey, 16 October 2023 (PDF, 128kB)

Realising opportunities in new markets

We support ambitious businesses to develop capabilities around new market opportunities. These include low carbon energy, health and wellbeing, technology and data, and advanced manufacturing.

We'll help companies improve their business performance, making it easier for them to adapt to changes emerging from the transition to net zero and the development of a climate-resilient Scotland.

Our work with companies will also encourage them to embed fair work, engage workers to improve performance, and remain attractive to employees, customers and investors.

By doing this, we can deliver long-term prosperity for Scotland’s businesses and people. We'll also help to ensure that Scotland benefits from the huge changes and disruptions taking place in the global economy.

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Setting businesses up for success

Using our networks, expertise and experience, we focus on activities that help businesses in Scotland secure investment, grow and scale, and become internationally competitive.