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How to access finance and secure funding

How to access finance and secure funding

Watch our financial readiness guides and learn about different types of funding and how we can help you access finance for your business.

Whether you’re looking to access funding to help you start, sustain, or grow your business, it’s important to understand which funding is most suitable, and what’s needed from your business to have the best chance of applying successfully. Through this series of guides, we’ll explore finance options for your business, becoming investor-ready, and the legal process of receiving the funds.

An introduction to financial readiness

Gary Torbett, one of our financial readiness specialists and Team Leader in Entrepreneurship and Investment, explains how we can help you prepare your business for investment.

How we can support companies with financial challenges

If you’re looking to access funding to help sustain your business through the challenging environment created by rising costs, we can help.

Our support and resources can help your business take action to reduce costs, improve productivity and manage finances more affectively.

Learn more about the practical support offer on the cost of doing business. 

Your guides to finance and funding

Got a question about accessing finance?

Get in touch with our team of experienced financial readiness experts who can help you secure funding from a range of sources including bank funding, equity funding, and grants.


This guide was written by our investment team at the Scottish Investment Bank who work with Scottish businesses and UK and international investors.