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Intellectual property support for your business

Intellectual property (IP) refers to intangible, intellectual creations of the mind. For many businesses their IP and associated rights are the most valuable assets they have. Our specialist team can help your business to protect IP when you're innovating new products and services, and use your IP to develop new markets, attract investment and increase revenue.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is concerned with creations of the mind. Intellectual property rights (IPR) are the legal instruments used to protect those creations.

Intangible assets such as IP are becoming increasingly important. Many companies now invest in and rely on IP to generate income.

For many businesses their IP and associated rights are the most valuable assets they have. They’re often the things that separate them most from their competitors.

IP covers a wide range of creations - and a wide range of intellectual property rights exist to protect those creations. These include:

  • Patents, which protect technical inventions, such as how something works, what it does, how it’s made or what it’s made from
  • Design rights, which protect the appearance of a product
  • Trade marks - these protect brand names and symbols
  • Copyright, which protects creative works
  • Trade secrets - a special category of confidential information

How we can help

Our specialist team has expertise in IP strategy management with experience in a variety of sectors.

We can help your business to develop an effective IP strategy and protect your IP when you're innovating new products and services either yourself or in collaboration with others. 

We offer free and impartial advice to help you:

  • Develop new products, processes or services
  • Prepare to export to international markets
  • Collaborate
  • Commercialise and diversify your IP to increase revenue
  • Attract investment and funding

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