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Preparing to Export programme

Preparing to Export programme

Our programme provides the support and training resources you need to create a comprehensive plan for exporting for the first time.

Get ready to enter international markets 

Understanding the practicalities of exporting is essential to successful entry into new markets. We can help you fully prepare your business for exporting and overseas investment. 

While it's possible to simply react to international orders and become an ‘accidental’ exporter, the way to achieve sustained success in selling internationally is to be proactive and have a clear plan in place. 

But how do you start to export? That's where we come in.

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Research and create your export plan 

Our programme takes you through the key areas needed to form an export plan: 

  • Market research – showing customers and partners that you understand your market and how it works 
  • Financials – demonstrating you understand the price sensitivities of the market and the range in which you can operate 
  • Commitment – showing you’re serious about entering the market (customers can tell straight away when you’re just in it for quick win)
  • Capability – building capabilities to enter the market and deal with customers (getting the right number of people with the right skillsets in the right roles) 

Companies can access our programme free of charge and receive a wealth of free support and training to ensure that you reach your goal. More than 400 companies have taken part in the programme over the last three years - why not join them? 

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What companies say about our Preparing to Export programme

Sandy Macdonald, Managing Director at Clansman Dynamics said:

"We were very pleased with the workshop, which covered a lot of ground. Our team engaged fully with the materials and I am happy to report that we have already deployed some of the techniques we learned to good effect."

Jeff Dibdin, export technical sales manager at A Proctor Group said:

"The intermediate programme has given us the processes, conviction and confidence to take export forward in a planned way and to question the board in relation to the approach to export. The support is invaluable and will help our business export more effectively and increase profitability."

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