International markets

International market research service

International market research service

Looking for research on international markets? Our free service can do it for you and produce tailored analysis in just five days.

Get to know your markets and competitors better 

To keep up with today's rapidly changing business landscape, you need up-to-date, relevant insight into rapidly evolving markets. You need to know how your competitors are adapting. You need to know what your buyers and customers want before they do 

Our free international market research service offers you all these insights and more. 

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Tailored international research

We'll help you delve deeper into global market trends, customer behaviour and competitor activity, with research tailored to your specific circumstances.

Just tell us what information you’re looking for, and we’ll do the research for you.


Supply chain mapping

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted production for many manufacturing operations, leading to supply chain challenges for companies in Scotland. If your supply chain is disrupted, find out about mapping and sourcing alternative suppliers.

"An excellent and invaluable service that provides data and information to inform business decision making and support investment. As a small private company, it wouldn't be possible for Pneumagen to secure the breadth of data required."

Douglas Thomson, CEO, Pneumagen

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